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Cognitive impairment, legal need and access to justice (2009)

This paper draws on the Foundation's Access to Justice and Legal Needs (A2JLN) research and reports on the legal issues and barriers to accessing justice experienced by people with a cognitive impairment. Potential strategies to address disadvantage are outlined.  (Justice Issues 10)

Taking justice into custody: the legal needs of prisoners (2008)

Access to Justice and Legal Need (A2JLN) in-depth qualitative research into the legal needs of prisoners in NSW and their capacity to access the law and legal help. See also a Summary report (Justice Issues 2)

On the edge of justice: the legal needs of people with a mental illness in NSW (2006)

This in-depth Access to Justice and Legal Needs (A2JLN) report examines the legal and access to justice issues experienced by people with a mental illness.

Justice made to measure: NSW Legal Needs Survey in Disadvantaged Areas (2006)

This study provides a comprehensive assessment of legal needs in six disadvantaged areas in NSW and informed the development of the Legal Australia-Wide Survey. See also a summary report.

The legal needs of older people in NSW (2004)

This monograph is part of the Access to Justice and Legal Needs series.  It examines the legal neeeds of older people and is based on a review of existing literature, consultations with legal and non-legal service providers, academics, and older people themselves.

Legal Information Needs of Older People (2004)

This literature review examines the legal information needs and pathways of older Australians and the most effective ways of providing information to them.

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