About the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW

The Law and Justice Foundation of NSW is an independent statutory body established by the Law and Justice Foundation Act 2000 (NSW) to: “contribute to the development of a fair and equitable justice system that addresses the legal needs of the community and improves access to justice by the community, particularly by socially and economically disadvantaged people.”

We acheive this by creating, harnessing and sharing quality evidence to support access to justice for the people of NSW

About the Access to Justice Research Hub

The Access to Justice Research Hub supports evidence-based and people-centred service provision in the justice and legal assistance sector.  Information, webinars, downloadable resources and interactive tools cover a range of topics along with links to Foundation and other relevant research. 

About the Research Team

Our team are leaders in their field, highly skilled in research, data analysis and/or knowledge translation.  Their expertise draws on extensive experience working across the human and social services in Australia and overseas. 

Our working style is collaborative and we welcome opportunities to partner with government, service providers, and other researchers in New South Wales and beyond. 

The team routinely provides research advice and support to the justice sector, undertakes primary research to develop the evidence base, and disseminates information about the justice system to the sector and the community of NSW. 

  • Catriona Mirrlees-Black
    Research Director

  • Delphine Bellerose
    Principal Researcher

  • Dr Kerryn Butler
    Principal Researcher

  • Dr Emily Kothe
    Senior Researcher

  • Michaela Mournehis
    Research Assistant

About our current projects

Our dedicated research team is committed to exploring and understanding various 'access to justice' issues through impactful social research projects. We delve into a wide range of topics to uncover valuable insights that contribute to the betterment of our communities.

Currently, we are excited to share details about our latest research project, "Disaster Stories" This project focuses on the stories of people who have been impacted by a natural disaster. We invite you to click through to the project page to explore more about this important initiative.

While Disaster Stories is our current spotlight, our team is actively engaged in numerous other research endeavors, each addressing different aspects of 'access to justice'.  We are constantly expanding our portfolio to cover a diverse array of subjects, and we encourage you to stay tuned for updates on upcoming projects.

Find out more about the Disaster Stories project here.

If you would like further details on any of the information on our Research Hub, or simply to have a chat about your research questions, please feel free to contact the Research team on research@lawfoundation.net.au 

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