The Access to Justice Research Hub supports evidence-based and person-centred service provision in the justice sector by enabling easy access to relevant information and resources
Who is most vulnerable to experiencing legal problems,  and who is most likely to need legal or justice system assistance to successfully resolve their problems?
How can the data collected by legal assistance and justice system services about their  activities and clients inform more effective and people-centred service provision?
What information and data sources are available to support reaching people most at need of legal or justice system assistance, or most likely to access or interact with the justice system?
How can legal assistance and justice system services efficiently and reliably capture the experience of their clients to inform more effective people-centred service provision?
How to identify and assess the evidence on what aspects of legal assistance and justice system services are most effective in supporting access to justice?
How do we know that legal assistance and justice system resources are being used effectively, efficiently, and are having their intended impact? 

When undertaking any new research, evaluation, surveys, or data analysis it is recommended that research professionals are consulted regarding project design, data collection, analysis and reporting.

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