Resource Category: Assessing legal need

Data to inform assessment of legal needs in NSW (2023)

A regional breakdown of data indicators for selected vulnerable community groups presented alongside key findings from legal needs research to inform an assessment of legal needs in NSW. This report is an update to our 2021 report, and uses 2021 Census data, ABS 2022 population estimates, 2023 BOCSAR crime data, 2023 NDIS data, 2022 Criminal Court data.

An Assessment of Legal Needs in NSW (2021)

This report synthesises what is known from legal needs research and uses relevant data indicators by priority groups to better understand legal needs in NSW. This reports is based on 2016 Census data, ABS 2021 population estimates, 2020-21 BOCSAR crime data, 2021 NDIS data, 2020 Criminal Court data.

Estimating legal needs for planning and reporting purposes (2021)

VIDEO - A short video highlighting some key points to consider when undertaking a legal needs assessment to inform your service planning strategy.

Evidence and analysis of legal need in Queensland (2019)

EXTERNAL - This resource, from Community Legal Centres Queensland, was designed to support the 2019 procurement process for CLCs in Queensland.

Evidence of legal need in NSW to support the Cameron Review implementation (2018)

This Foundation's report provides evidence of legal need in NSW. Data is provided by priority groups and by catchment regions, it is largely based on 2016 Census data.

Collaborative Planning Resource - Service Planning (2015)

Developed in support of the 2015 National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services (NPA) between the Commonwealth of Australia and the states/territories, this report brings together information on service design and data to support planning and monitoring of legal assistance services.

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