Resource Category: Indicators of legal need

Introducing NLAS(Language) - 2021 Census (2024)

This latest addition to the suite of NLAS indicators is intended to support legal assistance service providers in identifying geographic areas where there is potential demand for translator and interpreter services.

Need for Legal Assistance Services (NLAS) indicators - 2021 Census update (2023)

The Foundation’s NLAS(Capability) and NLAS(Community) indicators have been updated with the most recent (2021) Census data, with counts available at various levels of geography. These counts provide a comparative indicator of the potential demand for not-for-profit legal assistance services across different regions of Australia. (Justice Issues 33)


Download the Excel spreadsheet containing the updated NLAS indicator counts for a range of geographic areas across all Australian states and territories.

An indicator of need for community legal centres: introducing NLAS(CLC) (2019)

The NLAS(CLC) indicator extends the original set of indicators and was designed to inform a legal analysis conducted in the context of the new application-based funding model for Community Legal Centres (CLCs). (Justice Issues 29)

Locating demand: updating the Need for Legal Assistance Services indicators (2018)

Revisions to the 2015 Need for Legal Assistance Services (NLAS) indicators following the release of the 2016 Census data. (Justice Issues 28)

Need for legal assistance services: developing a measure for Australia (2017)

This short paper describes how the Foundation developed the Need for Legal Assistance (NLAS) indicators which uses census data to assess potential demand by geographic location. (Justice Issues 26).

Planning legal assistance services by area: is SEIFA the answer? (2015)

Using Legal Australia-Wide Survey data, this paper outlines the nature and strength of the relationship between SEIFA and legal problems by examining whether or not area-level disadvantage can be used to identify people who have high legal need.  (Updating Justice 46)

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