Resource Category: Housing

Housing-related problems and enquiries to legal assistance services in NSW (2020)

This paper contrasts the profile of clients in service data with that from a legal needs survey on the subject of housing, to provide further insight into who is accessing legal assistance services specifically for housing problems.  (Data Insights in Justice 2)

Are renters worse off? The legal needs of public and private tenants (2014)

This paper uses Legal Australia-Wide Survey data to address the legal needs of renters in Australia. It explores the legal needs of people who live in rented accomodation and compares the experience of public renters, private renters and non-renters on a range of experiences.  (Updating Justice 40)

Home is where the heart of legal need is: a working paper on homelessness, disadvantaged housing and the experience of legal problems (2013)

Legal Australia-Wide Survey data is used to examine the experience of legal problems for three groups; homeless people, people who had lived in other types of disadvantaged housing, other people who had not experienced disadvantaged housing circumstances. (Updating Justice 23)

No home, no justice? The legal needs of homeless people (2005)

This monograph is part of the Access to Justice and Legal Needs series. It explores the legal needs of homeless people and is based on a review of existing literature and consultations with legal and non-legal services providers, and homeless people themselves.

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