Resource Category: Other models of service delivery

Law informed: The value of telephone legal information services to clients (2020)

This report is an evaluation of the provision of information and referral legal assistance services to the Victorian community, as delivered by Legal Help's telephone services.  The research assessed the value of Legal Help's information/referral services to clients in the broader context of the Victorian legal assistance sector's information and service provision.

Developing a triage framework: linking clients with services at Legal Aid NSW (2019)

This paper was developed to support Legal Aid NSW undertake a review of their client intake and triage services. The paper provides a conceptual basis for further investigating and developing a systematic triage service model.

Uptake of legal self-help resources: what works, for whom and for what? (2019)

This paper uses Legal Australia-Wide (LAW) Survey data to examine Australians' use of self-help resources for legal problems. It includes previously unreported measures of the helpfulness and impact of self-help resources. (Justice Issues 30)

Victoria Legal Aid: Information services literature scan (2018)

The purpose of this literature scan is to locate and summarise the available research evidence on information services, with a focus on what contributes to effective legal information.

Limits of legal information strategies: when knowing what to do is not enough (2014)

This paper uses Legal Australia-Wide Survey data to examine reasons for not taking action to try and resolve a legal problem, and asks what implications do these reasons have for legal information and education strategies. (Updating Justice 44)

Legal assistance by video conferencing: what is known? (2011)

This paper reports on an extensive search for, and review of, existing research into the use of video conferencing to deliver legal assistance particularly to disadvantaged clients, clients in regional, rural and remote (RRR) areas and clients in custody. (Justiec Issues 15).

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