Resource Category: Communitiy legal education

Community legal education and information: model priorities and principles (2017)

This paper summarises the evidence on legal needs and effective service delivery in the context of Community Legal Education and Information (CLEI) and presents model priorities and principles that can be adapted by organisations or jurisdictions to best suit their context. (Justice Issues 25)

Community legal education and information at Legal Aid NSW: activities, costs and future planning (2015)

This report profiles Legal Aid NSW's community legal education and information (CLEI) activities over a 12 month period to 30 September 2014.

Beyond great expectations: modest, meaningful and measurable community legal education and information (2015)

This paper seeks to identify, specifically and more modestly, what different CLEI strategies may actually provide: to whom, when and to what end. (Justice Issues 21)

The outcomes of community legal education: a systematic review (2014)

This paper reports on a systematic review of research into the effectiveness of face-to-face community legal education (CLE). (Justice Issues 18)

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