Resource Category: Disadvantage

Fines: are disadvantaged people at a disadvantage? (2018)

This paper, using Legal Australia-Wide Survey data, examines the prevalence of, responses to, and outcomes of problems with fines in disadvantaged groups. (Justice Issues 27)

Resolving legal problems: the role of disadvantage (2018)

This paper, using Legal Australia-Wide Survey data, investigates the relationship between level of disadvantage and legal problem finalisations status, legal problem characteristics, and legal problem-solving strategies. See also a one page infographic summary. (Updating Justice 56)

How people solve legal problems: level of disadvantage and legal capability (2016)

Drawing from the Legal Australia-Wide (LAW) Survey, this paper provides evidence that people who experience multiple disadvantage generally have a lower legal capability. (Justice Issues 23)

Indigenous people, multiple disadvantage and response to legal problems (2015)

This Legal Australia-Wide Survey report examines repsonse to legal problems and barriers to obtaining advice by Indigenous status and level of disadvantage. (Updating Justice 48)

Do some types of legal problems trigger other legal problems? (2014)

This paper uses data collected from the Legal Australia-Wide Survey to determine which types of legal problems are most likely to occur at the beginning of a sequence of legal probelms, that is, which types of legal problems are likely to trigger further legal problems. (Updating Justice 37)

Disadvantage and responses to legal problems in remote Australia - a working paper (2013)

This short paper uses Legal Australia-Wide Survey data to explore the strategies people use in response to legal problems in different geographical areas. (Updating Justice 32)

Concentrating disadvantage: a working paper on heightened vulnerability to multiple legal problems (2013)

This paper, using Legal Australia-Wide Survey data describes how the experience of legal problems are affected by multiple disadvantage using two new measures of multiple disadvantage. (Updating Justice 24)

Justice made to measure: NSW Legal Needs Survey in Disadvantaged Areas (2006)

This study provides a comprehensive assessment of legal needs in six disadvantaged areas in NSW and informed the development of the Legal Australia-Wide Survey. See also a summary report.

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