Resource Category: Service Delivery

Is early intervention timely? (2015)

This paper explores 'early intervention' in the context of the evidence-based priority given to assisting the most disadvantaged, and the need to do so within limited resources. (Justice Issues 20)

See also a 2-page summary (Updating Justice 47)

Community legal education and information at Legal Aid NSW: activities, costs and future planning (2015)

This report profiles Legal Aid NSW's community legal education and information (CLEI) activities over a 12 month period to 30 September 2014.

Beyond great expectations: modest, meaningful and measurable community legal education and information (2015)

This paper seeks to identify, specifically and more modestly, what different CLEI strategies may actually provide: to whom, when and to what end. (Justice Issues 21)

The development of the Legal Assistance Service Data Digest and Data Digest Online (2014)

This paper reports on a project by the Foundation to develop a database and associated online application to facilitate access to data on the use of publically funded legal assistance services in New South Wales (NSW).

Limits of legal information strategies: when knowing what to do is not enough (2014)

This paper uses Legal Australia-Wide Survey data to examine reasons for not taking action to try and resolve a legal problem, and asks what implications do these reasons have for legal information and education strategies. (Updating Justice 44)

Reaching in by joining-up: evaluation of the legal assistance partnership between Legal Aid NSW and Settlement Services International (2014)

This report presents findings from an evaluation of the legal assistance partnership between Legal Aid NSW and Settlement Services International during its first year.

The outcomes of community legal education: a systematic review (2014)

This paper reports on a systematic review of research into the effectiveness of face-to-face community legal education (CLE). (Justice Issues 18)

Barriers to obtaining advice for legal problems in New South Wales (2014)

This paper uses data from the Legal Australia-Wide Survey to examine barriers to accessing legal help reported by respondents. (Updating Justice 39)

Legal capability and inaction for legal problems: knowledge, stress and cost (2014)

This paper presents findings from the Legal-Australia Wide Survey that examine reasons for taking no action in response to legal problems. Specific reasons examined include 'didn't know what to do', 'would be too stressful', and 'would cost too much'.  (Updating Justice 41)

Reshaping legal assistance services: building on the evidence base (2014)

This report draws research evidence - together with experience of service providers - to inform the design and delivery of efficient and effective legal assistance services. It provides a basis for considering how to move from the theory to the practice of client-centred service delivery. See also a summary report (Updating Justice 43)

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